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Referendum Success! We ‘MADE’ it!


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We are delighted to announce that the outcome of the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum on 11th October 2018 was a great success!  1726 residents voted, which represents a turnout of 34.1%, with 93.3% supporting the Plan.  This is amongst the best results recorded for a Neighbourhood Plan anywhere in England!  The land-use policies, covering housing, green space, heritage and the environment shown in the link to the report below, will now be adopted as ‘MADE’ by Stratford District Council where they will form part of the Development Plan for the District Council alongside the Core Strategy and will have full weight in the determination of planning applications within the Parish.

Referendum Report

The development of the Neighbourhood Plan has been a long and challenging process that started back in early 2014 and over that period has included input from over 25 team members who have given their time and efforts to help secure a better future for our community.

Thanks is also extended to the many volunteers that have helped delivering leaflets and displaying posters around the Parish over the various stages of the Plan development, from the early engagements to establish the ‘likes, dislikes and wishes’ of residents through to raising awareness of the Referendum.

Well done to one and all!  

This will be the final report from the Neighbourhood Plan team.